Featured photo for Don Edwards Preserve, CA

Don Edwards Preserve, CA

Goodbye (to Sarah) hike at the Don Edwards Regional Preserve in Newark

This would be the last hike with Sarah. before she moved to Michigan.  Ever the bird-lover, here she is inspecting a nest underneath the bridge.
Sarah, my "bad weather hiking buddy", was happy that today was not raining, snowing, or hailing.
One of the groomed trails at Don Edwards near the visitor center.
Hills on the otherside of Highway 84 are easily accessible via a pedestrian bridge.
The sign says, "This is the only example west of Mississippi of a barn of exactly this size."  Wowzers
An old cabin from many decades ago.
This table would be good for a picnic "on the water", I guess...
Paul and Sarah get wind protection by the bay.  Will really miss ya, Sarah... good luck in your future endeavors in Michigan and Costa Rica!