Featured photo for Don Edwards Preserve, CA

Don Edwards Preserve, CA

Hiking at the Sir Edwards Regional Preserve in Newark with Carolyn.

The weather was beautiful and Carolyn was visiting on this Monday, the first Monday as a free man from the corporate world!  But ironically, like the museums we had tried to visit that morning, everything seemed to be closed...
So we ended up doing a nice leisurely hike along the trailes of the Sir Edwards Regional Preserve in Newark.
How convenient--a "do-it-yourself" walking tour of the Tidelands Trail.
There is interesting flora out here, but unfortunately I do not know the names of any of it.
Carolyn reading about something about the fauna in the preserve.  Maybe I should have too so that I could at least name some of them!
rutted dirt uphill trail with green grass on the sides
Carolyn at the top of the short-but-steep trail, overlooking the salinas (salt ponds) by the Dumbarton Bridge.
The visitor center--like seemingly everything else that day--was closed on Mondays, too.  Stil