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Backing Up Museum

I was driving up I-85 near Charlotte, North Carolina and passed a sign that said “Backing Up Motorcars Museum” in Concord. Of course I stopped by. This was near the Lowe Motor Speedway. Inside the museum were mainly American muscle cars. Lots of ‘Vettes and Mustangs, which suited me fine. I did like the BMW Museum better but it did remind me of how back in college, while rebuilding a 350 Corvette engine for ME130, I said to myself, “one day I will own a ‘Vette”…

When traveling along I-85 North to Durham, I saw a sign for the Backing Up Motorcars Museum in Concord (near Charlotte).  Of course I had to stop on by.
This museum was near Lowe's Motor Speedway and dubbed itself the "Motorcar Hall of Fame Museum" with 18,000 square feet of cars and memorabilia.
The first car in the museum was a De Lorean DMC-12.  This was ironic considering John Delorean just passed away 6 days ago on March 19, 2005.
Forever a sports car guy, my favorite cars in this American muscle-centric museum were the 'Vettes.
This is a 1988 Special Edition Corvette, all white inside and out except for the roof (which was black).
This nice Ford Fairlane from the mid-60s exemplified how large American muscle cars were back then.
This Fairlane had an original sticker price of $2,712, but is now being sold for $29,900 40 years later.  Not bad appreciation.
Go little Honda faster little Honda: the Honda Dream was featured in many American beach movies.  This one is a 1969 I think.
Here's an early-20th century Duncan bicycle with a gasoline motor driving the front wheel and supposedly "too dangerous".
This is a Chinese rickshaw carrying Barney, the purple dinosaur.
James Dean memorabilia.
Not everything in the museum related to vehicles.  This is a tribute to Faith Hill..
Who knew a Cadillac rumble seat would make for a nice sofa?