Henry Coe State Park, CA

Due to the abundant California rains of February and March, the hills of Henry Coe were nice and verdant. So Ken, Marianne, Stacy and I did something of a wildlife hike, about 7 miles long, along a trail I’ve already forgotten the name of. More pics are here.

A hurt bird at Henry Coe State Park.  Or so we thought--it rapidly flew away after we watched it for a full minute.Here's Ken leading the way.Stacy looking up the name of this tree.  I already forgot what it was called.There were a few rocks pretty good for bouldering.Stacy on the trail.Small lake.fwLots of madrone.We picnicked at this site with lots of wildflowers.Marianne crossing a creek.Due to the abundant California rains of February, March, and April, the park was very verdant!

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