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Oregon Coast

After the Foot Traffic Flat Marathon and the fireworks on the 4th of July in Portland, I drove back to CA along the southern Oregon Coast. The drive wended through romantic-sounding towns such as Florence, North Bend, Coos Bay (where Steve Prefontaine grew up), and Gold Beach. At least during this time of year–when the coast is not obfuscated by dense fog–views are spectacular and the weather is just warm enough to drive with the top down. This drive was perhaps the nicest coastal drive I have done thus far…

Words cannot do the drive justice, but pictures come close.

[Prehistoric Gardens, north of Ophir, OR] Rah! Elaina meets a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
[Battle Rock Wayfinding Point, Port Orford, OR] A beautiful mist overruns a rock coastline while waves crash along the shore.
The Alfa felt right at home along the twisty roads of US-101 along the southern Oregon coast.
A bridge leads into Gold Beach, OR.
US-101 along the southern Oregon coast is a certified "Pacific Coast Scenic Byway".
A man takes a stroll along the beach in near-complete solitude.
[Near Pistol River, OR] A dense fog begins to roll in and would get progressively denser near Bookings, OR and Crescent City, CA.
The view from the driver's seat.
The Alfa at a nice Oregon rest stop off of US-101.
[Bookings, OR] A dimming sunset over a rocky coast is a sight to behold in a fetchin' Italian roadster.
[South of Crescent City, CA] The Alfa meets Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox.  "Please don't step on me," Elaina thinks.