Featured photo for Portland, OR

Portland, OR

I initially went up to Portland, Oregon to run the Foot Traffic Flat Marathon and to watch some fireworks on the harbor later that night. As it turns out, I also attended the Waterfront Blues Festival (largest in the nation west of the Mississippi), had dinner with Bob and his sister Cathy off of Hawthorne street, and went to a 4th of July BBQ with Mike’s Team in Training triathlon group, I left Portland thinking that I could be comfortable even living there.

More photos are here from this particular trip. Check out my full report on Portland from a few weeks later.

Elaina and a white '90 Spider.  "I don't get to drive it in the winter," said its Portland owner.
Fountains by the river.
Underscoring that this is a fit city, here are some guys doing pushups while a good-looking woman walks on by.
At the Blues Festival, which I went to with Bob and his sister Kathy.
The Willamette river.
Downtown at the Foot Traffic store where I picked up registration materials for the Foot Traffic Marathon.