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Mt. Bachelor 100, OR

This self-supported ride is called (at least by me) the Mt. Bachelor 100 as it is a century route where you get to see Mt. Bachelor many times. Untroubled by traffic, there are panoramic views of the Cascades, with gradual (but long) climbs and pine everywhere. One also passes by Todd, Sparks, Devils, Elk, Hosmer, Lava, Little Lava, and Cultus Lakes. Needless to say, this ride can only be done when there is no snow on the highways, which probably is only the summertime and maybe late spring and early fall. This was some of the best traffic-free riding I have done anywhere.

Note: distances only accurate to +/-1 mile; going off of memory. Basic idea is to take Century Dr. -> Hwy 46 (Cascade Lakes Hwy) -> Cultus Lake (and the Cascade Lakes Resort) -> back to Hwy 46 -> Hwy 40 -> Hwy 45 -> back to Hwy 46 -> Century Dr.; I highly recommend looking at a Central Oregon Area Map.

Route Sheet

00.25Start at Mt. Bachelor Park ‘n’ Ride off of Simpson & Colorado Ave. and head towards Colorado St.
0.251R on Colorado at roundabout
1.250.53rd R at roundabout to get onto Century Drive
1.7543.252nd Right onto Cascade Lakes Hwy (Hwy 46)
451.5R at intersection for Cascade Lakes Resort
46.50.5L to go to Cascade Lakes Resort. Buy food (chips, soda, cookies, burger, whatever)
472Go back out the way you came from back to Hwy 46
493L on Hwy 46
5218R on Hwy 40
7010L on Hwy 45
8015.25R on Hwy 46
95.250.52nd R at round about to Century Dr.
95.751R on Colorado Ave. at roundabout
96.750.252nd R at roundabout to get on Simpson Ave.
97Made it!

From the Logbook

August 3, 2005 (Wed)

Note: did extra 10 miles by passing up the turnoff to the Cascade Lakes Resort @ Cultus Lake by 5 miles before turning around. Hence did 107 miles.

Excerpts from an email sent out today about this ride:

The riding out here is the BEST! Great views of the Cascades, Mt. Bachelor and the Cascade lakes, and during those 7 hours or so only ~50 cars passed me. Lots of climbing too (I only did gradual climbs yesterday, but one was 10 miles long and another ~15 miles long), making for some potentially 50+ mph descents (I only got up to 47.5 mph, when I decided I better sit up and scrub off some speed, since I didn’t know the roads too well!)

Fortunately, there was food available at Cultus Lake, because it was Mile 60 when I got there (on the way back) and I was famished. With the climbing left after that, I could have been in trouble if I did not eat, especially since I unwittingly left some bananas on the passenger seat (forgot to stuff them in my jersey pockets) when I left. Otherwise, wonderful ride, with panoramic views and great temperatures. It was in the high 70s most of the time even though it was supposedly 92 degrees in Bend.

There were perhaps 2 dozen other cyclists I saw, all of whom I waved at. (About 1/3rd of them waved back, which seems a fairly typical percentage for road cyclists). I also saw about a dozen cross-country skaters skating their way up Highway 46 as I came on down. Getting ready for the upcoming cross-country ski season, I guess!

Beginning at the Mt. Bachelor Park 'n' Ride near downtown Bend, the Cannondale comes off of the Alfa to begin a 107 mile journey around Mt. Bachelor and the Cascade lakes.
[Mile 2] This sign lists all the lakes within 60 miles of Bend.  Note that Mt. Bachelor is just 20 miles from this point, where there is good downhill skiing in the winter.
[Mile 18] Getting closer to Mt. Bachelor.  Great views and no traffic along the Cascade Lakes Highway (Highway 46).
[Mile 25] Past Mt. Bachelor was a glorious sweeping downhill, which one could easily top 50 mph (I only reached 47.5 due to sitting up at that point to scrub off some speed as I did not know what was around the corner.)
[Mile 28] Felix Wong at Sparks Lake, with Mt. Bachelor in the background.
[Mile 30] Devil's Lake?  Not sure.
[Mile 30] The view behind featuring talus in the foreground and Mt. Bachelor in the background.
[Mile 59] 9 miles after I turned around on 46, I made a side trip to the Cascade Lakes Resort at Cultus Lake, since I was famished.  Here I am holding some Grandma's (TM) oatmeal raisin cookies.
Behind the resort is a marina to Cultus Lake.
On Highway 40, I thought this sign was kind of funny, since the only vehicular traffic on this road for many, many miles was my race bike!
From Highway 40 to Highway 46 was Highway 45.  This provided 10 continuous miles of moderate climbing, with lots of trees and, again, no traffic.