Featured photo for Portland Bridge Ride, OR

Portland Bridge Ride, OR

The 10th annual Providence Bridge Ride makes a good counterpart to Portland’s other signature event running that same weekend, Bite of Oregon. This is because both give something of a taste of Portland, if in only a fairly small way. During the Bite of Oregon, one could try out some of the local delicacies here (like scampi), but just as worth going to see was Little Richard, the self-proclaimed “inventor of rock ‘n’ roll” (my friends and I were unconvinced but we certainly enjoyed his show). Similarly, during the Bridge Ride one could ride over up to 10 of Portland’s main bridges and get some great views of the city, but just as worth going for was hanging out with friends and checking out all of the different bicycles.

Despite being very sore from the Torture 10,000 yesterday and staying out to almost 2:00 a.m. the night before, I managed to wake up at 5:00 a.m. to drive downtown and meet up with Mike at 6:15 a.m. Some of his friends from their new triathlon club also rode, but we did not ride with them much. Actually, at times it seemed like we were walking or scooting along (with our feet) half of the time, since there were 18,000 people! Still, this was a great way to go through different areas of Portland and get some unparalleled views of the city. Two bridges (the Fremont and Marquam bridges, I think) are normally for cars only, so it was only on this morning that one would actually be able to get to ride over on a bicycle.

The total ride length was about 34 miles. Food and drink was provided on the way, mainly Clif Bar bits, bananas, apples, and water.

Mike looks on as 18,000 riders congregate for the 10th annual Providence Bridge Ride in Portland.
There were many recumbents, including this pair of Tour Easy bikes.
Mike is happy as we finally get rolling.
Casual and more serious riders did this ride alike.
To put this sign in context, it went with other signs, as in: "Our leaders lie and hence our soldiers bleed and die.  SUPPORT OUR TROOPS; BRING THEM HOME!"
A view of the downtown Portland waterfront from one of the bridges we rode on.
Several people rode their bikes with baby trailers in tow.
Here's a trailer with a dog!  I'll be this doggie had a great time!
I heard that the designer of this bridge also designed the Golden Gate Bridge.
For the annual Bite of Oregon festival, these two young gentlemen were sent out to do some stunts (like juggle flames) to advertise the Bite of Oregon.  As his last stunt, this guy blew up a latex glove around his head until it burst.