red Cannondale road bike leaning against a pole in front of large wooden wheels

Fort Collins-Hwy 14 East 100, CO

This self-supported 100-mile bike ride starts at the new Stonehenge in Fort Collins, Colorado and goes out and back on Highway 14. Unimaginative, yes, but there are only a handful of stop signs and is reasonably flat for time-trialing.

The most scenic parts are actually in Fort Collins. As you head east, the scenery becomes more drab and wide open. Through Severence and Ault you may smell a whiff of some sheep farms, but only for half-a-mile or so.

Heading back towards the mountains also is pretty nice. The shoulder is very wide almost everywhere, but beware of rumble strips. Since this is a highway cars do pass you (the farther east, only once every two minutes or so) at 60 mph but I didn’t find it unnerving due to the width of the shoulder. Actually I thought this was a very pleasant course!

Route Sheet

Highway 14 with no cars on it next to yellow grasslands.
Highway 14 near Ault.

From the Logbook

March 24, 2006 (Tue)

I’ve been experimenting with liquid nutrition (instead of solid food) for IM AZ, specifically a product called Carbo-Pro (+ Gatorade). Today I did another 100-mile ride, easy-intensity (since I’m supposed to be tapering with the race just 12 days away), and the results were encouraging: 1) felt strong the entire way and not hungry, 2) the mixture tasted good (actually, exactly like Gatorade since I guess Carbo-Pro is tasteless) with no digestive problems, 3) quickest average speed for a 100-mile training ride (18.1 mph) despite going less than race intensity. The latter was probably because of favorable winds and only a few stop signs, but much more encouraging than that ride to Boulder a few weeks ago where I only averaged 16.7! Also tried using one of those Profile aerodrink systems today (like a Jetstream). Seemed to work well.

red Cannondale road bike leaning against a pole in front of large wooden wheels
My Cannondale in Ault.