Featured photo for Greyrock Mountain, CO

Greyrock Mountain, CO

The weather forecast called for sunny skies and 50+ degree high temps, making it a nice day for a social hike. So John, Ryan, and I headed to Poudre Canyon about 9 miles out of Fort Collins for a little jaunt up to the base of Greyrock Mountain. The trail was a bit rocky and icy in sections and the winds were really howling, but the views of the evergreen-treed gulch and mountains were well worth the 3-hour, 5.9-mile round-trip trek on the Greyrock National Recreation Trail. When the weather is a little warmer, Greyrock is a hotspot for rock climbing. Click here for more photos.

It was so windy that this tree was leaning over.
After hiking about 2.5 miles we made it to Greyrock Mountain, which is a popular site for rock climbing (though not on this March day).
The Poudre Canyon was wonderfully treed with interspersed snow.
This is the Cache la Poudre River adjacent to Highway 14, about 9 miles from Fort Collins.
Ryan and John at the end of this pleasant hike.
John commencing the hike up to Greyrock Mountain on this breezy day.