Featured photo for Arches National Monument, UT

Arches National Monument, UT

One natural area of interest I never got to visit during my 2005 Great American Road Trip was Arches National Monument in eastern Utah in Moab. I could not pass up the opportunity, then, to pass right by it on my way down to Ironman Arizona from Colorado in 2006. The graceful, arching rock formations here are really a sight to behold. Click here for more photos.

I guess this is why the place is called "Arches"--rock formations that look like this.
More rock in Devils Garden.
More cool rock and trees.
It was a splendid 22 mile drive through Arches back to Moab.
I stayed at Arches National Monument in Utah overnight and went for a quick run through Devils Garden in the morning.  The air temperature was very nice and the scarf I was wearing was totally not necessary.