Featured photo for Chevrolet Ad Contest

Chevrolet Ad Contest

In the past month or so, Chevrolet—one of General Motor’s several struggling marques—held a create-your-own-ad contest for one of their new products, the Chevy Tahoe. (Formerly at ChevyApprentice.com) Winners have yet to be picked, but if it were up to me, I’d pick some of these:

Here’s an example of the contestants’ ads on YouTube.com. So far, most of them are thoughtful, professional, and a complete mockery! Entries include “Say hello to global warming” and “All that’s refined is its oil.” Heh.

For the record, I think Chevrolet (and General Motors) has been turning out some nice products lately, particularly the Cobalt SS, HHR, and Corvette. I still don’t care for their trucks or SUVs, though.

Funny Chevy ad.
Funny Chevy ad.