Featured photo for Parade of Years, Estes Park, CO

Parade of Years, Estes Park, CO

We were going to the Rocky Mountain National Park anyhow, so a stop in Estes Park was in order. Happily, the weekend also featured the Parade of Years Car Show at the Estes Park Senior Center, which included maybe about 3 dozen or so cars. Vehicles present included a couple of kit car replicas (namely, an AC Cobra and 1930s Mercedes roadster), several ‘Vettes, approximately a dozen 1960s American muscle cars, and even a 1994 Mazda Miata.

A Mercedes replica.
Leather driving gloves and wood steering wheel.  Nice.
Help, an ape!
This was probably my favorite car of the show, a Corvette from 1954 -- the first year they were made -- with an inline-6 cylinder engine.
A C5 was there too.
Also, there was a C6.  Kat and Guy seemed more interested in the Prius in the background, though.
There was some British iron too.  This is a British racing green Jaguar sedan.
A diminutive MG Midget, probably a '71 (note the round rear fenders).
I thought Guy's PT Cruiser rental car could have looked at home in the show, but Guy (who did not particularly like the car) disagreed.
A replica of an Shelby Cobra.  It was nice but I wish it had more period-authentic wheels and a manual -- instead of automatic -- transmission like the "real" Shelby Cobras.