Featured photo for Horsetooth Mountain Park, CO

Horsetooth Mountain Park, CO

One should not visit Fort Collins, Colorado for the first time without visiting those jewels to the west, the Horsetooth Mountain Park and its adjacent Horsetooth Reservoir. So when Kathrin and Guy came over during the weekend from Chicago, we did an afternoon hike on the Soderberg trail through lush forests packed with Douglas Fir and evergreen pine, stunning vistas of the reservoir and the red rock outcropping above, and green hills with homes embedded in their sides that inspired Kat to proclaim, “it looks just like Switzerland!”

Never mind that the Horsetooth Falls off of the Soderberg trail turned out to be more like a “water drip” than a waterfall; this was a wonderful hike.

Kat was actually the one who got me into rock climbing 8 years ago.  Here she is inspecting a rock.
The Horsetooth Falls turned out to be a "water drip" but was well worth the hike in nevertheless.
Nice rock formation.
Northern Colorado is very lush at this time of year.
A bashful bunny.
Rock and trees.
The Soderberg trail great views of the Horsetooth reservoir, surrounding red rock, and more.
Kat remarked that this hill with homes looked a lot like Switzerland.
Kathrin on the Soderberg trail in the Horsetooth Mountain Park of Fort Collins, CO, leading to the Horsetooth Falls.