towers north of Horsetooth Rock

Horsetooth Rock, CO

After three-and-half months of starting my intensive MBA studies at Western Governors University, I was on class #11, the final Capstone class. An end was in sight. The day was a weekend—Saturday—and a classically beautiful Coloradoan day in February with mild temperatures and no snow. Moreover, there were no more NFL playoffs and it was a special day—Valentine’s. So Maureen and I went for a hike to an icon of Fort Collins: Horsetooth Rock.

Apparently, other folks had similar ideas because when we got to the trailhead at around 11:00 a.m., the entire parking lot was full and the rangers were directing cars to turn around and park elsewhere or, preferably, go hike somewhere else. So I called up my friend Dana—wife of my buddy Nick—and asked if we could park at her house off three-quarters of a mile away. No problem, she said.

We took our time, enjoying the day and taking quite a few photos. Below are a few of them. Happily, after we came back down and were back in the parking lot, we saw a familiar face: Nick. He was going for a run. It was a day for everyone, it seemed, to go outside and spend some time with nature and/or a special someone.

stairs on Horsetooth Rock Trail
Stairs on the Horsetooth Rock Trail, less than a mile south of Horsetooth Rock.
attention foot traffic only sign, Horsetooth Rock trail, Maureen wearing red shirt
Maureen on the Horsetooth Rock Trail.
Maureen wearing red shirt on Horsetooth Rock
On top of Horsetooth Rock.
towers north of Horsetooth Rock
You can see towers to the north, which is a popular run destination from the Soderberg Trailhead (a 3-mile climb with 1,900 feet of elevation gain).
green pine in Horsetooth Mountain Park with mountains to the west
Green pine in Horsetooth Mountain Park with mountains to the west.
Horsetooth Lake Estates
The Horsetooth Lake Estates as seen from Horsetooth Mountain Park.
Felix Wong on a tricycle with Indiana license plates
On a tricycle with Indiana license plates back and Nick and Dana's house.