Featured photo for Horsetooth Rock, CO

Horsetooth Rock, CO

My friend Sarah was visiting from Berkeley, CA for the weekend. As she is a hiking enthusiast, the first thing we did was go up to Horsetooth Rock, which—despite being an icon of Fort Collins and one I can see from my front windows—is a landmark I have never been up to.

Sarah is also a birding and plant guru, so we stopped a lot during our hike to teach me a bit about the wildlife. Or tried to, that is. I’ve already forgotten the names of most of the plant species she pointed out to me. Hence in my photo galleries you will see the captions are of the rather nondescript “these are yellow flowers” variety.

Purple flowers.
View of the Horsetooth Reservoir and Fort Collins from the top of the rock.
View of Overland Hill to the south of Horsetooth Park.
The view towards the west, towards the snow-capped Rocky Mountains.
Sarah inspects a yucca plant.
More yellow flowers.
Sarah below the Horsetooth Rock, an icon of Fort Collins.
Sarah holding up a Horsetooth Half Marathon bottle which has a pretty accurate depiction of Horsetooth Rock.
Great views from the top to the west.
I was impressed these two dogs were able to make it up the rock, which required some bouldering (for humans).  The women were more impressed with the little girls from Wyoming in the background.
Yellow flowers.