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Hotels in Vietnam

If you had imagined hotels in Vietnam are just a step up from huts with flies or shacks with rotating fans, think again. Despite rooms in three-star hotels costing $20/night, all of the ones I stayed in were at least Motel 6 quality with a TV, phone, compact refrigerator, and most importantly, air conditioning. Some even had a pool!

My first hotel room in the Hai Long I Hotel.
In Mui Ne, we stayed at this resort with a 25-meter pool and a private beach.
The room in Mui Ne where Kim, Nam, and I stayed up until 4:00 a.m. talking.
Bathroom at the resort in Mui Ne.
The view of the roof pool at the New World Hotel across the street from my Hai Long I hotel room.
View of the street from outside the Hai Long I Hotel room.
Another view of the street.
My room at the Thanh Bin III Hotel in Hoi An.
The beds in Thanh Bin III.
The nice indoor pool at Thinh Bin III was very welcome considering how hot Hoi An was.
Ornate staircase at Thanh Bin III.  Not bad for a hotel where rooms cost $20ight!
Back in Saigon, I was (somewhat pleasantly) surprised to see this in my bathroom!
This is where I stayed during all of my time in Saigon: the Hai Long I Hotel.