Featured photo for Mui Ne

Mui Ne

Considering how hot and humid Vietnam can get, some of the most enjoyable days are spent at the beach. This certainly was the case at the Seahorse Hotel & Spa in Mui Ne (about 4 hours from Saigon) where Loan’s family and I hung out for an afternoon. The hotel was right on a private beach with warm waters and crashing waves. To top it off there was a 25-meter pool on the hotel grounds where we swam and did our own little contests of who could swim the farthest on a single breath.

Even more memorable was staying up with Nam and Kim until 4:00 a.m. talking about everything from friends and family to cars and college. It was like a slumber party. Loan should be commended for doing such a great job raising those two; both are super cool.

The Seahorse Hotel's private beach in Mui Ne.
The Seahorse Hotel's 25-meter pool.  We swam in this a lot.
Delia, Kim, and Vy were all smiles.
Vy in a hole she, Delia, and Kim made as Delia looks on.
Loan and the girls.
Nam shoots some pool as Kim looks on.  Those two beat me even though Kim refused to take her turns midway through.
Kim, Nam, and Vy all set to go back to Saigon.
A traffic jam on the way to Mui Ne was caused by cows and goats.