#1 Place to Live in U.S.

As the Vietnam adventure winds down I cannot help but count the days towards a rejoiceful return home. Augmenting my eagerness is a recent Money Magazine article that a friend just sent me proclaiming its best places to live in America for 2006. Can you guess which city tops the list? (Hint: I picked this place myself nine months ago, well before the magazine did!)

Also out on the same day: Allstate’s rankings of the the best drivers in the U.S. The same city that is Money‘s Best Place to Live is #2 on the safest drivers list! (Click here to see previous awards Fort Collins has received.)

I return to Fort Collins in less than ten days now. As much as I have enjoyed my vacation in ‘Nam, the thought of being back in my dream town brings a smile to my face.


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  • melissa rosen says:

    did you ever check out Charlottesville, VA??
    We are trying to pick out our best place to move to—

  • Mark says:

    Hi Felix,

    I’m a forty something guy looking to relocate from the DC metro area to a place with great weather and lots of outdoor adventure possibilities. While scouring the web, I happened across this blog. I really like the spreadsheet you created listing all of the cities you have researched. Fort Collins sounds great, but I wonder if I can tolerate the cold winters. The Mediterranean climate of most of California’s very appealing to me. I know you moved from California and maybe that’s why you didn’t want to live in that area, but I was hoping you could give me some recommendations of areas in Northern California that would meet a lot of the criteria you were looking for in your search.

  • Ellen says:

    I found your blog when looking for what to call people in Fort Collins and found this post. This is *exactly* what my husband and I did when we were looking for a place to live! Spreadsheets are so helpful! Ours is here. Anyway, I thought it was pretty awesome to find someone else who used a spreadsheet to choose Fort Collins!
    Cheers! Ellen

    • Felix says:

      Thanks Ellen. Glad to know I am not the only spreadsheet fiend when making these sort of decisions. And that we ended up picking the same town. Looks like we had a lot of the same criteria. Enjoy the Fort!

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