Ultramarathon Man ebook, Dean Karnazes

Ultramarathon Man

The other day, based on a recommendation of a friend, I picked up the book Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner by Dean Karnazes. The book was such a pleasure to read that I ended up reading it in one sitting (starting at 10:30 p.m. at night; don’t ask me what time I went to bed…)

My favorite story in the book was how in the middle of the night (and as part of a 200-mile run) he had Pizza Hut deliver him some food. What did he order? A large pizza with extra toppings and a whole cheesecake, and yes he ate ALL of this while running! Amazingly he managed to consume 28,000 calories during the 200-miler…

Dean will be running the Chicago Marathon on Sunday as part of his 50 States in 50 Days gig. I wonder if I will see him? I should finish before him, but of course that is only because he will have run 35 marathons on 35 consecutive days already!

Update 10/25/06: I did finish before Dean, but amazingly, only by 6 minutes (3:22:31 vs. 3:28:19). I am incredulous that even after running a marathon each day for well over a month, he is still capable of running a sub-3:30 marathon!

Ultramarathon Man ebook, Dean Karnazes
Ultramarathon Man by Dean Karnazes.