Featured photo for Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

Hooray for the new snow! Not only did it allow me to go snowshoeing on the Winter Solstice as planned, but it allowed me to do so by simply walking out the front door!

Happy Winter Solstice to all!

But I stuck to the trail as I wanted to try out my new RedFeather Race snowshoes today.
Going along the walking (well, now snowshoeing) trail in the neighborhood towards the Horsetooth Mountains.
Heading back.  Note that the homes shown were NOT buried by the snow; they were built that way (their lower levels are basements partially submerged in the ground).
Felix Wong getting a good workout!
As the sun started to set on this Winter Solstice, people started turning on their X-mas lights. Here''s to longer days ahead!
I was surprised that within 12 hours of the end of the 2006 CO Blizzard, the main street in my neighborhood was plowed.