Colorado Share the Road plates with license number 000XXX
Photo by State of Colorado

Share the Road License Plates

Usually when it comes to progressive issues—especially those pertaining to the great outdoors—California leads the way. However, here’s something that Colorado is at the very forefront of and is even providing CA some guidance on: “Share the Road” license plates.

Now, at first you might think that this is merely a vanity plate for bicycle-obsessed people such as those who are present en masse in both the Rocky Mountain and Golden States. But the purpose of these plates goes more than sheetmetal deep. For example,

Each special Colorado license plate sold will provide funding to support the Share the Road Education Fund in making roads safer. Some of their programs will include:

  • Educating motorists on how to safely share the road
  • Educating bicyclists on the rules of the road and safe riding
  • Educating event directors and bicyclists on best practices for event safety
  • Providing guidance to bicyclists involved in crashes
  • Outreach to law enforcement on the rights and responsibilities of motorists and bicyclists

In Colorado, the Share the Road Bill (SB 67) has already passed the Senate Transportation Committee by a 6-1 vote. However, it still needs to ride through five more committees and then our Democratic governor, Bill Ritter (I expect him to pass it.) You can track its progress here.

In California, there is now a petition circulating that alludes to the Colorado bill several times in hopes that a similar one will pass in CA. That petition is here. If you are a California resident, please sign it; thanks!

Assuming the bill in CO passes, I will probably be getting one of these plates for my next car. I think it is one of the coolest plates ever, well aside from Tori’s Yosemite rock climbing plates.

On a related note, my friend John from Florida has just notified me that Fort Collins was named 2nd safest city to drive in (only beaten by Sioux Falls, SD). It does seem like for the most part, Fort Collinsers are already pretty good at sharing the road.

Colorado Share the Road plates with license number 000XXX
Photo by State of Colorado
An example of Share the Road plates from Colorado.