Caldera Hot Springs, Panama

I know I’m getting really behind on my posting of photos and writeups, but in between Spanish classes (3-4 hours a day), homework and hanging out with Tori, there just has been so little time! But here are some photos from yesterday in the meantime. We went to some hot springs in the town of Caldera, Panama, which is not too far from Boquete, where we’ve been staying for the last week. The owner of the springs really has life good (his property also has a river, ponds, forests, bridges, a bamboo guest house, panoramic mountain views), and yet he was charging just $1 to let us sit in his pozos. Que bueno. Anyhow,

A taxi dropped Tori and I off at this dirt roads and we trekked in about 15 minutes to find the hot springs in Caldera.The entrance sign says "please take care of the trees."  Si, seThe springs are on private property, which also has a bamboo guest house.Of course, we came for the springs.  Tori and I sat inside here for about 2 hours, just chatting and relaxing.This amazing property also has creeks running from the springs...... trails to the owner's main cabin...... duck ponds...... forests...... funky trees...... makeshift bridges...... and horses.There was a nice sunset when we left.I loved the forests here.

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