Maybe Size Does Matter

I was working in the yard when my neighbor Mary asked me, “Would you like some zucchini?” Sure, I replied, why not? Here was an offer for FREE FOOD!

Well, I was in for a bit of a shock when my neighbor brought one back from her garden.

Check out the size of this specimen (photo above). The one at the very bottom is a zucchini I picked up at Albertson’s; the one above it is the one from Mary.

I suppose that is the difference between store-bought and home-grown. Or rather, home-grown by someone who has a green thumb. For some reason, none of the vegetable plants I planted this year have produced anything but sagging leaves and bruised egos. I’ve given up on my own garden plot for the year.

Maybe that’s not such a bad thing when I have a neighbor with a knack for producing super veggies large enough to feed an entire Caribbean island. I guess I will be eating zucchini pasta for awhile.


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