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A Reason to Wake Up Early

I was still lying in bed when I sensed a change in ambient light piercing the bedroom window. Unconsciously, I turned my head until I was looking directly skyward, and saw what appeared to be a Martian sky. Reflexively, I leaped out of bed and bolted downstairs, grabbed the camera, and took the following photo. (Ok, my photography skills are not great.) In about two minutes, the reddish colors had completely disappeared leaving shades of blue, white, and grey.

How many of these sunrises have I missed by not being an early riser? 100? 200? I am guessing more like 500 in the last two years. Not being able to wake up before el sol does—and hence gain productive hours early in the day like most successful people—has been a consistent failing of mine except in the case of races, not being much of a morning person for all of my 32 years. But I am trying to change.

Sunrises like these are a great incentive for doing so.

Orange and red sunrise behind my home.
Orange and red sunrise behind my home.