Featured photo for Our Stay in Terrebonne, OR

Our Stay in Terrebonne, OR

When my friend Kimi told me the home she’d be at was “in Bend right across from Smith Rock,” Tori and I didn’t think too much of it. We figured she meant it was “somewhere near Smith Rock,” as Smith Rock actually isn’t even in Bend, and actually isn’t even in Redmond 10 miles north of Bend. It actually is in Terrebonne, north of Redmond. Terrebonne, Redmond, Bend—ok, maybe that’s “close enough.”

In fact, Kimi really did mean she was right across from Smith Rock. Check out the photo above taken right after I woke up and drew the blinds in the living room. My jaw just about dropped to the floor. Views from home of one of the world’s best climbing areas don’t get any better than this!

Today Tori and I spent most of the day looking at homes in Bend, but I hope to get out and do a trail run sometime in the next couple of days after the trails at Smith have dried up (since it rained this morning). I guess I have little excuse to do so when they’re just outside the window. Literally!

Teepee at Kimi's mom's place.
Colorful grass by the Crooked River.
Smith Rock in all its glory.
Another mountain of volcanic origin.
The Crooked River through Smith Rock.
Trail sign.
Felix Wong goofing around.
The Cascades in the distance.
We took the "easy trail" on the second day to get this vantage point of Monkey Face.
Tori, with Monkey Face in the background.
Monkey Face looking like it is ready to eat some rock.
The Cascade Mountains (specifically, the Sisters) beyond Smith Rock.