Bowerman and the Men of Oregon ebook


I’ve already mentioned how my trip to Bend, Oregon was a result of my friend Tori (from the Bay Area) wanting to visit there for a while now and Kimi (from Fort Collins) housesitting for her mom there this month. But since we arrived, there have been a couple more coincidences that have to do with… running.

  1. Kimi’s mom was reading a booked entitled, Bowerman and the Men of Oregon: The Story of Oregon's Legendary Coach and Nike's Cofounder, which is about Bill Bowerman, the famed Oregon track coach and co-founder of Nike, and his proteg├ęs from what is now known as Track City USA (Eugene, OR). To her surprise, Kimi’s father, Julio Marin, is mentioned in the book a couple of times—especially since there were some races (while running for UCLA) when he beat all of the Oregon track stars in the 1960s. It’s pretty cool to know that Kimi—whom I was running with every Friday on the trails of Lory State Park or Horsetooth last spring—must have some pretty good genes.
  2. This weekend Tori and I have been meeting up with a local real estate agent, Kristi. Kristi mentioned today that she grew up on the Oregon coast, so I asked, where? Her reply, Coos Bay, surprised me, but her response to my remark, “Steve Prefontaine was from there,” really surprised me (especially since it’s usually only runners who have even heard of Pre, who died in the 1970s.) What did she say? “My sister actually dated Steve Prefontaine.”

Hmmm, considering the above I definitely have to read Bowerman and the Men of Oregon (which was already on my reading list due to being a Bowerman and Steve Prefontaine fan).

Bowerman and the Men of Oregon ebook
Bowerman and the Men of Oregon ebook.