Featured photo for South Park Marathon

South Park Marathon

“I think other than the two passes, the highlight of today was passing by South Park,” I reported during my daily call-in on Day 18 (July 1) of the Tour Divide. “Previously, I thought South Park was a fictional town in CO so I was very happy to see it is a real region… In fact, I resolved that after this race is over and I am back home in Colorado, I would do a South Park Marathon. By which I don’t mean running 26.2 miles but instead I will be laying on my couch with my feet propped up on a some pillows and watching this season’s episodes and maybe last season’s also. Right now that is sounding really good to me.”

Unfortunately, due to too much work, I haven’t been able to do a South Park Marathon yet. Instead, I’ve only watched a single episode since returning home. You can say I’ve done the South Park Sprint.

The episode I watched was #1204, “Canada on Strike.” I thought it was appropriate considering how much time I’ve spent in Canada this year and that the Tour Divide started in Banff.

A synopsis of the episode is that Canadians didn’t feel like the world was giving them enough respect, so they decide to go on strike… but no one cares. Pretty funny.

If anyone has a recommendation for which episode should be next in the South Park Marathon, please leave a comment below. Thanks!