Featured photo for Coyote Ridge, CO

Coyote Ridge, CO

The snow from the last two days was melting quickly and the trails in the hills of Fort Collins were turning into a muddy mess, looking not too different than a chocolate sundae with whipped cream dripping off the sides. No matter—it was reasonably warm, only party cloudy, and Tori wanted to see her prairie dog friends in the Coyote Ridge Natural Area a home-run baseball hit behind her home.

We were not disappointed—plenty of “p-dogs” were out en masse, either sunbathing or running around. Here are some photos from this three-mile hike.

A major snow storm producing about 6" of snow came through a couple days ago, but the snow was melting quickly.
Unfortunately, that produced quite muddy and sloppy trails.
Tori taking a photo of one of her p-dog friends... somewhere...
Afterwards we went over to Catalyst Coffee, but it was closed.  Cool bike rack though!
Prairie dogs at Coyote Ridge.