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Cool Bike Racks

One of the many things I love about the Front Range of Colorado is not only are there a lot of bicycle racks in towns like Fort Collins, but the bike racks often have a lot of style. Gone are the days where the most fashionable bicycle parking spots were upside-down giant horseshoes cemented in the ground. Those may have been five times more attractive than the generic bent-metal, tire-holding plop-them-down-where-bicycle-parking-is-needed racks, but get few style points compared to the ones depicted here.

Below is a gallery of bike racks that have caught my eye. I will be adding to this collection in the future as I take more photos.

Bike rack outside of a now-gone coffee shop in Fort Collins.
The New Belgium bicycle racks that are in various places in Old Town Fort Collins.
Bicycle rack in Manitou Springs, CO.
This bicycle rack in Manitou Springs was slower than it looked.
Not a bike rack per se, but what the owner of this tall bike locked it up to on a December day outside Bikram Yoga.