Featured photo for Horseback Riding in Estes Park

Horseback Riding in Estes Park

Brunch, horseback riding, and a walk through one of my favorite towns: a great date idea, yes? At least that is what I thought when I purchased a Google Offer for this earlier in the year. It turns out that notion was not incorrect at all.

Months passed on by before I could do it, but I managed to get in a reservation for a weekend in October before they were all taken. The weather turned out to be perfect, in contrast to the rain Northern Colorado got the previous day. What luck!

Elkhorn Stables.
Felix Wong on a horse.
Following Colleen and the others into the forest.
Colleen and the mountains.
We stopped at the top for the tour guide to point out a few things about our surroundings.
Back into the forest.
The first church ever built in Estes Park.
Heading back, and more great views of the mountains.
Towards the barn.
The horses were thirsty after the 90-minute tour.
The horse I was riding got a drink of water too.
Now in downtown Estes Park.  No, I am not a secret diva.
Felix Wong and an elk head.
Metal dog.
"Real men use duct tape" sign
Funny t-shirts.
More funny t-shirts.
"Life is crap"---a play on the "life is good" t-shirts.
"Your kidś an honor student but youŕe a moron" bumper sticker.
Colleen was trying to hide the Manning jersey for my Broncos.
Conversely, I was trying (less successfully) to hide the Rodgers jersey for Colleen's Packers.
"Dear diary: I went to Rocky Mountain Park and froze my pecker off."
T-shirts about bears and altitude.
More t-shirts about bears.
Colleen by the river through town.
This fish came to visit us.
Dog by the makeshift graveyard at the Elkhorn Stables.