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Food in Jamaica

Prior to going to Jamaica, I haven’t tried any of the country’s cuisine—unless you count the pseudo-Caribbean faire served up by Rasta Pasta or the Island Grill in Fort Collins. Hence, eating in Jamaica was a real treat.

Some of the classic Jamaican items we ate or drank included:

  • Bammy: a Jamaican cassava flatbread
  • Festival: Jamaican-style sweet fried maize dumpling
  • Sliced and fried breadfruit
  • Akee
  • Jamaican apple: looked more like a pear in both shape and texture than an apple
  • Jerk chicken: very spicy!
  • Patties (usually filled with chicken)
  • Ting: a popular grapefruit soda in Jamaica

Check out the photos to see how the above looks like.

Ting, a popular grapefruit soda in Jamaica.
Eating a fish lunch at Hellshire Beach.
Fried bammy, fried fish, and festival (sweet flavored fried dumplings).
Pineapple and Jamaican apple, which had the appearance and consistency closer to a pear than an apple.
Fried breadfruit.
Wheat bread with jerk chicken.
Chicken patties from Devon House.
St. Marty's Banana Chips and Wata (water). Leanne knows the Johnson family who makes the banana chips and as a result of their fortune, "own half the island."
Tamarind balls with seeds inside.
The colorful fish we picked out to eat at Hellshire Beach.