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Vino & Vanco

We were inside Bondi’s Beach Bar when Katherine started mentioning something about butt cheeks.

Sure, this booze joint may have had a beach theme, but no one had disrobed, nor were we looking at nudie magazines. Instead, this was an observation Katherine made about Hector’s oil painting. Which also was not of naked people frolicking in the sand, but rather… aspen trees.

How Katherine saw human anatomy within leaf clusters is a little peculiar. But then, she did take several art classes in college, meaning that she qualified as the Pablo Picasso among us.

Hector's and Katherine's.

Anyhow, Ali, Dani, Hector, Katherine, Noelle, Tori and I had a lot of fun during this three-hour, Deal Chicken-subsidized oil painting class led by Vino & Vanco’s owner, Coleen. We abided by Coleen’s tutelage, resulting in very-decent-if-quite-homogeneous paintings we could be proud enough to offer our mothers.

Except for Hector’s, perhaps. If she had eyes anything like Katherine’s, she might have seen shades of soft porn in his.

My finished painting. Right behind it is Tori putting the finishing touches on hers, and you can see Hector
Ali's and Tori's paintings.
Hector trying on a shirt we brought him.  I think Noelle and Dani approved.
Noelle and Dani with their paintings.