Featured photo for Birthday Pool Party

Birthday Pool Party

I have lived in Fort Collins and my current home for over 7.5 years now, but I can’t say there’s been too many occasions I have had a party. Many of my friends—even close ones—did not even know where I lived except that I was on the north end of town. This changed when Katia decided to throw me a pool party for my birthday.

She ended up spending three days preparing for it, and so it was easily the best party that I was even remotely involved in as a host. We mingled for a couple hours at the Hearthfire pool (rentable to Hearthfire residents for $25 with three weeks advance notice), and then had happy hour at Chez FĂ©lix.

The spread that Katia prepared.
Katia preparing for the party.
The pool.
Kiri, Lauren, Dan and Susie in the wading pool.
Diana and Katia.
Katherine and Hector.
Felix Wong and Katia.
Katia taking a photo of Meila.
Good turnout!
Patrick and Dan.
Sasha and Raquel.
Kyla, Krista and Nate.
Pool time!
Katia and Lauren.
Meila and Hector in the pool.
Sam and Rachael.
All ready!