Featured photo for Thousand Island Lake, China

Thousand Island Lake, China

What happens when you flood a valley containing over a thousand hills and mountains for a river dam project and hydroelectric station?

The peaks become islands, that’s what. And that’s how Thousand Island Lake—a.k.a. Qiandao Lake—got it’s name.

Qiandao Lake is now an awe-inspiring scenic area and tourist attraction, and our tour group got to board a mini cruise-ship for a short ride over to a couple of the islands. One of them was named Lock Island, and it soon became obvious how it got this moniker. It had a fun padlock theme, including what is supposedly the world’s largest lock and fences made of giant wooden locks.

Giant locks making up a fence.

We were given a couple hours to “explore” this island, which in Chinese fashion, was absolutely free of litter and graffiti. It was an absolutely delightful, and gorgeous, destination. See photos below.

At the harbor where we'd board a cruise ship to visit some of the islands in Thousand Island Lake.
Woman in our tour group framed by a lion's mouth.
On Thousand Island Lake.
My dad on the cruise ship at Thousand Island Lake.
Thousand Island Lake as viewed from an island.
The islands we visited had a lock theme.
Wall of a building on an island in Thousand Island Lake.
Boat in Thousand Island Lake.
My parents in front of a heart.
A giant key frames a tourist taking a photo.
Chinese characters on a wall.
My parents in front a crescent display.
Chinese characters in a falling water display.
Thousand Island Lake.
Boats on Thousand Island Lake.
I assume that this is the world's largest lock that Wikipedia alluded to.
Ceiling detail at the lobby of the ZTG Resort Thousand Island Lake hotel.