Spring Park, blue FCRC banners, runners

Spring Park 6k

I ran the Sweaty Sweater 4 Mile yesterday, so I was not expecting to have a good result today—especially considering how for a few hours after the previous day’s race, I was so exhausted that I was only capable of loading the laundry machine. Plus, there was ice on the Spring Creek Trail and I was so utterly distracted by being social with other runners before the race that I even missed my designated Tortoise & Hare start time by 26 seconds (no big worry due to chip timing, although it would affect my overall finish place).

I certainly did not feel fast. First, I was utterly unfocused and was not as good about taking all the tangents as normal. In the second half, both my breathing and legs felt labored and the feeling of slowness only intensified after my friend Carl and 12-year-old Alistair both passed me.

It was a great surprise, then, when I crossed the finish line of the Spring Park 6k and the Garmin read an average pace of 6:59/mile (7:00/mile official). This was a mere 5-8 seconds/mile slower than yesterday. If there was less ice, or I was just a tad more focused, I would have averaged under seven minutes per mile for sure.

Whatever was my time, it was fun to be out there and to mingle with other FCRCers.

Here’s a photo, for example, of my friends Brooke and Cathy and I wearing the same green shirt from yesterday’s Sweaty Sweater race. Good job to all three of us for getting in some tempo speedwork on both days of the weekend.

Brooke, Felix, and Cathy wearing green Sweaty Sweater 4 Mile shirts from the race they ran the day before.

Race Data

Final time: 26:07 (7:00/mile)
Official results

Spring Park, blue FCRC banners, runners
Runners before the start of the Spring Park 6k Tortoise & Hare race put on by the Fort Collins Running Club.