Felix Wong running down a mountain road
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I am
Felix Wong
world adventurer
ultra-endurance athlete
Felix Wong with carbon road bike and bikepacking setup
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Epic Adventures. For the love of a challenge.

My physical features are far from freakish, but patience, perseverance, and the ability to problem-solve have enabled me to do a few extraordinary things.

Honing the "three Ps" helps you conquer challenges, and challenges help you develop the three Ps. I believe anyone with those qualities can achieve virtually anything they want.

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Tour Divide

The granddaddy of all cross-country bikepacking races. I was one of the original eight finishers of this storied Canada-to-Mexico mountain bike race.

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Trans Am Bike Race

A 4200-mile, self-supported bicycle road race across USA from Oregon to Virginia. I finished in 8th place despite riding 1100 miles with Shermer's Neck.

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Camino de Santiago

People have been making a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela for over 1000 years. This was one of the most satisfying and spiritually rewarding epics I have done.

Felix Wong playing a Steinway piano
Photo by Lina Xiong

In the Media

I'm not the Felix Wong who was a popular Hong Kong actor. I'm an American residing in Spain/Colorado and only sing (badly) in the shower or car. But I have had cameo appearances in a few movies and done public presentations.

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This movie, now a cult classic, is about the inaugural edition of the iconic Tour Divide mountain bike race. Gorgeous cinematography, a stirring soundtrack, and compelling storyline.

Thumbnail for Adventure Sports Podcast

An hour-long interview on the Adventure Sports Podcast about the Trans Am Bike Race, Tour Divide, and ultra-cycling in general.

Thumbnail for Reddit: Ask Me Anything

The folks at Reddit invited me to answer questions about the Trans Am Bike Race, Tour Divide, and ultra-cycling.

Thumbnail for Still Running, by Libby James

In her beautiful memoir, world record-holder and local legend Libby James wrote a chapter about my athletic exploits.

Thumbnail for Cordillera

I wrote a piece for this compilation of literature from the Tour Divide featuring several notable journalists.

tuxedo cat next to arm typing on laptop


I began my third year at Stanford only a few months after Jerry Yang had incorporated Yahoo elsewhere on campus. My major was mechanical engineering, but the newfangled "World Wide Web"—as viewed on a browser called Mosaic—intrigued me. How are web pages served? How could I create one?

So in the computer lab at Sweet Hall in my free time, I read enough handouts to learn UNIX commands, edit in Emacs, and write HTML code. My first webpage was about a 1974 MGB roadster, my very first car.

At the time I had no idea that documenting things I wanted to remember would later become my obsession. The term weblog, or blog for short, had not been invented yet. But it's fun to think I was one of the earliest bloggers—a tradition that carries on today.

silver Audi TT roadster in the Poudre Canyon

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I love to travel and since 1999 had visited at least one foreign country each year. That streak ended in the pandemic year of 2020, but another one commenced in 2021.

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Traveling is so much more enjoyable when you can communicate with the locals. Here are posts about learning languages (I speak five).

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After meeting the love of my life—a Spanish emergency room doctor—in 2021, I moved to Galicia to live with her. I am officially an ex-pat!