In 2016 my parents and I toured the main island of Taiwan, also known as the Republic of China. A democratic republic that mixes western and Chinese sensibilities, the R.O.C. is in a state of political limbo: it is not recognized as a fully independent nation by the vast majority of countries, but operates independently of mainland China.

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04.30.16 Taipei, Taiwan
04.28.16 Cars in Taiwan
04.28.16 Yehliu Geopark, Taiwan
04.28.16 Food in Taiwan
04.28.16 Hualien County, Taiwan
04.27.16 Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
04.27.16 Buddha Memorial Center, Taiwan
04.26.16 Tainan City, Taiwan
04.26.16 Sun Moon Lake Wen Wu Temple, Taiwan
04.25.16 Cihu Mausoleum, Taiwan