Homes along the beach.

Woodside-Beach 100, CA

Some steady, moderate climbing in this one. Start out at the Woodside Store (don’t park at the store; park in a large parking lot just 200 feet east of it), go to the beach, and then turn around, returning through San Gregorio. It’s a different world out there from the urban parts of the Bay Area for sure.

Route Sheet

0 Woodside Store at intersection of CaƱada/Woodside Rd. in Woodside
01West on Woodside Rd. (CA-84)
15Right (north, then eventually west) on Kings Mountain Rd.
  L (south) on Skyline Blvd. (CA-35)
 0.6R (west) on La Honda Rd. (CA-84) in La Honda
  L (south, then west) on Pescadero Rd.
  L (south) on Cloverdale
  Straight (southwest) on Gazos Creek Rd.
3913Left (south) on US-1
52 Make a right at a road 13 mi. south of US-1/Gazos Creek Rd. (there aren’t many) and stop by a beach. Sit in the sand and relax!
5218Back on the bike. Go north on Highway 1. (Headwinds will be strong but hang in there and you will prevail!)
702R (northwest) on Bean Hollow Rd.
721R (east) on Pescadero Rd.
735L (north) on Stage Rd.
78 Right (east) on La Honda Rd. (CA-84). May stop at San Gregorio Store (northwest corner of Stage/La Honda Rd.) for restroom, water, and snacks.
  Thru La Honda, continue on CA-84. Descend to Woodside.
973Left (north) on Woodside Rd.
100 Back at the Woodside Store. Made it!

From the Logbook

June 3, 2000 (Sat)

I did this ride as preparation for the 2000 Terrible Two. The following is an excerpt from an email to a biking buddy:

I actually slept through my 5:00 a.m. alarm on Saturday somehow and missed the club ride to Santa Cruz, but no problem, I did my own make-your-own-century-ride to (near) Santa Cruz later a few hours later. I drove to Woodside (as initially planned), took Kings Mtn. to Skyline, went down 84, to Pescadero to [Cloverdale] and to Highway 1; went 13 miles south down Highway 1 until my odometer registered 52 miles, and stopped at the beach to relax and watch the windsurfers for a full hour before resuming. Going back northward on Highway 1 wasn’t too pleasant because it’s always super windy going that way, but I was feeling pretty strong the entire way. My climbing wasn’t bad… Going up 84 wasn’t bad either…

Homes along the beach.
Homes along the beach.