Featured photo for Hutong, Beijing

Hutong, Beijing

Our last day in Beijing was a “free day,” meaning that we were allowed to do whatever we wanted. A number of us in the tour group decided to go on a optional tour of the Hutong area, visit an elementary school and visit/talk with a Mr. Wu to get some insight as to how the Chinese live. We also went to a tea house where people in my tour group kept insisting that the woman serving us tea was trying to flirt with me. I doubted that.

Here’s a video taken by John while we rode a rickshaw through Hutong. (No sound; this was 2002 point-and-shoot camera technology after all.)


As you can surmise, we survived the ride with no injuries!

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John and I readying ourselves for a ride in a rickshaw.
Photo: John Taylor
Going through narrow alleys in the rickshaw.  We survived!
This is the Drum Tower in Hutong.
Photo: John Taylor
A kindergarten class with a boy playing the violin.
Photo: John Taylor
More talented musicians!
We got to check out the home of a retired anthropologist named Mr. Wu.  This is his bedroom.
This is Mr. Wu's kitchen.  He has a microwave and other modern appliances.
Photo: John Taylor
At a tea house in Hutong.  Everyone kept swearing this chick was flirting with me and that I should have asked her out on a date!