Featured photo for Versailles, France

Versailles, France

I made Versailles my “race-base” the days before and after Paris-Brest-Paris. During those days, I visited the Château de Versailles and even saw the start of a bicycle race sponsored by MG-Rover.

In cities like Versailles, it is not uncommon to encounter well-marked bike trails like these.  Much better than most places in the United States!
Outside of L'Chateau d'Versailles was the women's Monoprix bicycle race.  Here is a cyclist on the MG Rover team.
Felix Wong walking towards this colossal palace, first created by King Louis XIV (known as the Sun King).
L'Chateau was tres opulent!
How would you like to sleep in a bed like this?  Check out the paintings on the ceiling.
The Hall of Mirrors was a room filled with... mirrors, which were quite rare in the 17th century.
In the back of L'Chateau were many fountains.
Closeup of a fountain, and rear view of L'Chateau.
I enjoyed being in the gardens more than the richly decorated interior.  In L'jardins, baroque music was being piped through hidden loudspeakers.
Felix Wong with one of the many statues in the gardens.
Another fountain.
Tourists could get horse-and-carriage rides, just like in the 17th century, if they were so inclined.
There were many beautiful trails lined with well-groomed trees.
Small man-made lake (pond) with bronze, Apollo-like horse and chariot statues in the middle.
The French flag was proudly flying above L'Chateau de Versailles, and rightly so!  Vive l'France!