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Garage Mahal

It took me 2.5 years of sporadic effort, but I am finally done with The Garage Mahal. I started in December of 2002, and during various weekends and evenings of the subsequent years, the transformation was slowly completed.

When I had moved in 2001, the garage was in unremarkable shape: lots of clutter, an ugly particle-board cabinet, and errant wire and spackle on the ho-hum white walls.  This would change!
Unfortunately, change came slow esp. as I was using the garage to remove, rebuild and install Goldie's engine.
But over the course of Dec. 2002-June 2004, I made some progress, including the British Racing Green "MG door".
And lots of red, yellow, and green... the colors of the racy machines in the Garage Mahal.  Note that during this time Elaina (the Alfa Romeo) had replaced Lina (the Z3), and The Tank (my 32-lb beater bike) had returned.
The yellow pegboard is both artsy and practical as it provides ready access for critical tools.  No more looking for hours for a tool anymore!
The Italian corner, with the Silca tire pump, Campagnolo-laden Cannondale, and an "Alfa Romeo Parking Only" sign.
More useful tools on display, including my 1960s Sears dwell tachometer, timing gun, SU carburetor synchronizer, Minoura truing stand, battery charger, propane torch...
Another view of the MG door into the foyer.
The Garage Mahal theme extends into rest of the house with Goldie's pistons (after they blew up) on display.  I may post some pics of my newly-painted living room, one day...