Gilroy Garlic Festival

Pics from the Gilroy Garlic Festival with Loren, Mara, and Suzie. The Garlic Festival takes place every July and the mercury soared above 100 degrees (as it almost always does in Gilroy at this time of year). Despite the heat, we had a great time especially because of all the great food!

Despite living in CA all of my life and in the SF Bay Area for the last 11 years, this would be my first time at the world-famous Gilroy Garlic Festival.  Same for Mara and Suzie too, shown here. Photo: Loren Cheng.The main attraction seemed to be chefs cooking shrimp scampi (outdoors in 100F heat, no less), and their flames which would shoot up 5 feet to the metal-covered roofs. Photo: Loren Cheng.The scampi was delicious! Photo: Loren Cheng.Too bad the same could not be same about the garlic ice cream, which was given away for free. Photo: Loren Cheng.To my surprise, there were some race cars on display, including this 1931 Alfa Romeo! Photo: Loren There were also BMX, skateboarding, rollerblading, and cooking shows, along with lots of arts, crafts, and food for sale.

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