Featured photo for Santa Cruz Sentinel Triathlon

Santa Cruz Sentinel Triathlon

Watching Lisa and Sharon race in the annual Santa Cruz Sentinel olympic-distance triathlon. The weather was great; the water just a bit cold. I think this was Sharon’s 3rd time doing the race. They both did great!

My own season being over, I went up to cheer Lisa and Sharon on in the Santa Cruz Sentinel Triathlon (olympic distance).  Here's Sharon after testing out the water.  "My face was really cold!" she reported.
All the young women all lined up.  You can see Lisa here in the front row, 7th from the left, with her arms crossed.
The start was semi-chaotic!  First the waves had to be staggered by 10 minutes instead of 5 minutes because "there are only 40 lifegards, and that is not going to be enough" (such confidence-inspiring!)  Then the start gun malfunctioned, so all of a sudden someone just yelled out "go go go go go go!"  (The gun finally went off as some of the women were already in the water...)
The women had to swim about a mile, out to the edge of this pier and around it off of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.
Here's Lisa just coming into the picture on the bike.
Sharon on the bike.
Here's Lisa coming in on the run...
and Sharon coming in on the run.  It was a beautiful day.