Featured photo for Veloswap SF

Veloswap SF

Veloswap is the nation’s largest bicycle swap meet and show. It is held annually in San Francisco. There I saw my friend Dave, USPRO Freddie Hernandez, and even the Fossil Fool, the “world’s only bicycle rapper.”

At VeloSwap--the nation's largest annual bicycle swap meet and show--at the Cow Palace in SF was Shimano.  Apparently, Ultegra this year has went the way of Dura Ace for the crankset, which to me, still looks aesthetically-questionable and rather Darth-Vader-like.  "It's like a woman without a belly button!" I recalled someone posting on a Usenet newsgroup.
5 minutes after I arrived I ran into my friend David H., who managed to find quite a few parts for his several bicycles.  Seems like I run into Dave every half year or so, somewhere.
Check out this city bike with a huge boom box in the back and neon lights under the downtube.
This booth sold posters, including "Podium Girl Gone Bad" and "Carpe Diem, Lance Armstrong.  Go for six!" (He already did.)
Check out the exquisite lugwork on this handmade Nobilette bicycle.
Spiffy fat-tire low-rider...
It turns out the city bike with the "bling bling" neon ground effects and bass tube was developed (and used by) the Fossil Fool, the world's only "bike rapper"!  And here is the Fossil Fool himself rapping about bikes and the Fossil Fool.  The neon lights (available on his website) were initially conceived as a cool party idea, but now he is selling them as a safety product!
This is an aero hardshell pack that can double as a backpack or a rack bag.  "Because aero is everything" the maker claimed.
3-time U.S. Pro Cycling Circuit champion Freddy Rodriguez was there.  I talked to him a little bit about his win in this year's T-Mobile Classic (a.k.a. SF Gran Prix) and he seemed like a cool guy.  He also signed this poster for me.