Featured photo for San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA

I ran and rung in the New Year down in sunny (and sometimes not-so-sunny) San Diego, with Peggy. In addition to doing a 5k resolution run, we spent a mind-boggling 8 hours in a bar with a couple of Peggy’s friends. I wish I had pictures from that! Peggy’s friend Apur even managed to pick up some random chick in like 5 minutes.

Anyhow, non-bar-hopping pics are here.

After the quick Tijuana trip it was back to San Diego for New Year's Eve.  By chance after breakfast, we passed by VIP Classics, so we wandered in for a look.  Here's Peggy with a "new" Porsche Speedster "recreation" ("not a kit!") going for just $23000, or about the same price as a new Miata.
Peggy again, after checking out the very cool Ducati 748.
A Cobra kit.  Maybe one day I will build one of these (either this or, say, a Porsche 550 Spyder!)
Peggy would tease me for taking this pic.  "I can't believe you are taking a photo of your own car!" she exclaimed.  "But this is a 1990, while mine is a 1991," I explained.
Some of the runners participating in the 35th Annual Downtown YMCA 5k Resolution Run in Balboa Park.
Peggy was a lot more social than I was during the run, even finding out that Stephanie (shown here) was from my childhood town of Stockton.  Here Stephanie is holding up the "Fitness Oath" we had to recite at the beginning of the run.  It was pretty funny since a "judge" made us repeat the oath, but no one could remember the words since his sentences were so long!