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Windmill Run

It was a beautiful day in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, and this would be my first race using new improved run technique (high-cadence landing on my toes instead of over-striding and heel striking). The result: 7:08/mile pace for 6.5 miles, which is quite a bit faster than anything I’ve done over 10k so far.

Race Data

Total time: 46:24 (7:08/mile)
Overall place: 15/79
Official Results

It was a beautiful sunny day in San Francisco, a perfect day to do the 6.5-mile Windmill Run.  This run was held by the SF Dolphin South End Runners, which was founded in 1966.
The run went through San Francisco's Golden Gate Park and started by this field of colorful flower arrangements.
The start was just about 500 feet across the Great Highway from the beach/Pacific Ocean.  If you look closely you can see the Cliff House in the distance
Registration was held here and was just $5 for non-members.  In my opinion, this is how most short races should be held--forget the "free" T-shirt (that actually constitutes almost half of the registration fee) and just clutters up runners' closets with the gazillion other ones they got from races.
After I finished (15th @ 46:24) I stuck around to cheer the other runners coming in.  Here's an older guy coming in really strong...
...and shortly after, a woman pushing a stroller.  Despite having her baby with her, she came in third of all of the women!
It seems like at each of the last short races I have done, there have been cool vintage sports cars driven by runners.  Here's a purty Triumph TR6...
...and a British Racing Green MGB.  This would inspire me to replace Goldie's starter later that afternoon.  Long live British iron!