Super Bowl Run

“The best part,” I said, “about doing a race on Super Bowl Sunday is that you can go to a Super Bowl party in the afternoon and not feel bad about eating junk food.” But I had some other motives, though: 1) To continue to test using efficient running technique, 2) to continue to learn how to push, pace, and race, and 3) to average under 7-minute-mile pace.

The result: time splits of 6:39, 7:12, 7:16, 7:25, 7:25, 7:18, and 1:24 (7:00 pace for the last .2 mile). Overall pace was 7:12. A little slower than last week’s 6.5 mile Windmill Run and I felt more tired, but nevertheless a PR for a 10k. It was somewhat discouraging that I could not do more than one whole mile under 7-minute pace! This time I tried to focus on achieving as quick of a cadence (usually between 3-4 steps/minute) as I could, even if it meant having shorter strides. I think it backfired though as my strides were perhaps too short this time. My leg turnover rate seemed to be faster than everyone else’s and yet there were many of them I could not keep up with.

The weather was near ideal for running (sunny but temps in the high 40s), and the course very nice since it went right along the Pacific Ocean. I think the course was very similar to the run course of the Santa Cruz Sentinel Triathlon. Not quite as flat as I thought, but not hilly enough to be even called rolling.

This Super Bowl Run was held by the Santa Cruz Track Club.  The good thing about doing a race on this day is that later on at a Super Bowl party, you can eat junk food without feeling too bad about it!These were some of the early finishers of the 3k race, which was held before the 10k race (which I did).Felix Wong running on the course, which had some nice views of the Pacific Ocean.  Photo: managed to pass a couple of quinquagenarians in the last 100 meters for a final time of 44:39.  A little slower than I had hoped, but still, a new PR for 10k... Photo: Wong and Goldie, who got the pleasure of driving up Highway 17 from Fremont to Santa Cruz today.  No sweat for the MG...

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  • Felix says:

    So it turns out I finished 46th overall (out of 255) and 3rd in my division. Now at first that might not sound too shabby. However, I got whooped by no less than THREE 13-year-olds by over 3 minutes each! Amazing…

  • Ken says:

    Felix, do you have some suggestions on efficient running techniques? I have been trying to streamline my running form, your help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Felix says:

    Hi Ken. Yes, I highly recommend Gordon Pirie’s free online e-book. It is practically my running bible. You can do a search for it and it is available in PDF form. Happy running!

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