Featured photo for San Jose Tech Museum

San Jose Tech Museum

A Sunday afternoon at the Tech Museum in San Jose, with Kat.

Kathrin was down for the weekend, so we hung out and went to the Tech Museum in San Jose.  Since this was the 2nd Sunday of the month, admission turned out to be FREE! Here's a girl at the "Whack-a-Spam" exhibit in the Internet section.
Here's a boy at the "Find the Wireless Networks" exhibit.  The exhibits here are way more fun than at, say, art museums...
Witness Kat even joining in the fun, here at a seismometer exhibit.
However, here she is sad because the underwater robot was not being responsive to her commands.
Here you can even design your own bicycle!
The bike exhibit on the 2nd floor has not changed much since I was here in 1998, but still very cool.  There's a few Cannondales up there...
What's this, Kat looking sad again during the "build-a-microchip" exhibit?  Really, Kat is normally a very happy person!
Alas a few hours later she'd have to fly back to Pittsburgh.  Here is evidence that the Alfa is a fairly practical car: it was able to fit her big suitcase in the trunk!  This is certainly the largest trunk I've