Featured photo for West Coast Kustoms

West Coast Kustoms

It was the 2nd year that Mary Jane, Robert, Sharon and I attended the West Coast Kustoms weekend-long 50s hot-rod gathering in Paso Robles, and Sharon’s friend Diane’s 1st. We all enjoyed the show, especially the Friday Night Cruise which was something of a slow-moving parade of each of the custom rods on a cool starry night in downtown Paso Robles.

We went to Paso Robles on Friday night to watch the West Coast Cruise.  Here's a green hot rod with a "baby hot rod" trailer in tow.
Though 95% of the cars were customized cars from the 50s, there was this custom 2005 Pontiac GTO with flip-up doors.
Speaking of open doors, this Merc' (I think) had a jumpseat in the boot.
The cars looked so appropriate next to the old Fox Theatre!
On Saturday, we attended the car show (which featured the same cars as in the parade).  Big tailfins = old Cadillac.
Check out the stalk levers and the accelerator pedal in this photo.
This convertible had a left-hand "suicide-style" door, whereas the right door opened up normally.  Check out the dash and gauge arrangement.
A catering truck.
A nice two-door woody wagon.
A handsome two-door in front of the Chocolate Factory.
If I were to build a 'rod, it probably would be a roadster.  The bicycle at the left was a $6000 Casati that was ridden in the GWBR time trial that morning.  I do believe I beat it!
A truck with flames, which are always popular with hot rodders.
Sharon looking at a 60s Capri that I could not get a photo of at last year's 2004 West Coast Kustoms.
An elegant Triumph motorcycle on a pickup bed.
A wonderfully detailed engine compartment and air cleaner cover.